UW-Whitewater CoBE

 UW-Whitewater CoBE

From September 2015 to December 2018, I was part of the UW-Whitewater CoBE Media Team as a Media Specialist. We record, direct, and edit all online lectures and events that happened in the Whitewater College of Business.

Video Recording and Editing

A major part of the position was recording videos for professors for their online classes for both the BBA and MBA online programs

  • Created lectures based on professor’s preferences and personal experience which included using green screens, light boards, virtual sets, physical props and multiple camera angles.

  • Added pre-made introductions and outros to all professors videos, and other edited videos in Adobe Premiere per professor’s request


Live Stream Productions

Outside of recorded videos, I was part of numerous live streamed productions as well where I served in roles such as director and camera man.

  • Directed live streamed presentations using Tri-Caster software that included 4 stationary camera and one mobile camera.

  • Was behind the camera for multiple events where I reacted on the on air talent and presenters to ensure best angles for the director.

  • Shot B-Roll to have additional clips to include in our produced news packages, video recaps or at the request of the event organizers.

Team Management and Training

In my position as Media Specialist, I not only worried about the quality of the videos being sent out but additionally the quality of training all members of the team received.

  • Created training documents and videos that were used for boarding of new employees or set standards for current team members that would be used to prepare for an annual knowledge exam.

  • Gave the yearly knowledge exam which is a hands on walk through of all major parts of the position which required proper video setup, Tri-caster usage and proper editing techniques.