From March 2019 to June 2019, I was an independent marketing contractor working with ILD Games on their mobile platformer Squatbot. This position included assisting in generating social media posts, generating potential leads for reviews and publicity and generating email scripts for cold-outreach. We decided to split ways after the completion of our second one-month contract.

Generating Potential Leads

A majority of the time spent with ILD Games was creating an excel document with information and statistics on potential websites and influences to reach out to.

  • Creating an Excel document of over 100+ websites, streamers and influences that could be contacted to promote Squatbot

  • Analyzed social media followings and engagements calculating averages to determine level of importance

  • Researching website traffic and points of contact using Similarweb, Twitter and Linkedin.

Email Scripts

After creating the Excel document, I was tasked to create numerous email scripts based on what type of creator we were reaching out to. These were able to be customized based on the specific website, influences or streamers. These were then handed off to ILD Games for them to manually contact each of the potential leads.

Social Media Management

Originally meant to be the largest part of my contact, ended up going on the back burner shortly into the contract. I developed 3-5 Tweets per week including the written content and any images/gifs related. Examples of my tweets are shown below.