Soley GMBH



Soley GMBH

From May 2017 to July 2017, I worked with Soley GMBH, a technology company based out of Munich, Germany as a Business Development Intern.

Sales and Presentations

Having a natural excitement for the service and being an international intern, I was often used at conferences and other events

  • Memorized key features of the service, and used by own twist to pitch to service and company to potential customers, students and other professionals.

  • Learned basic German phrases to answer common questions or to transition the conversation to English.


Customer Acquisition

To best understand where our customers commonly came from or dropped out, I was given the project to look at valuable KPIs in our acquisition funnel.

  • Learned PowerBi by Microsoft to display requested important Key Performance Indicators that can be customized by different levels of customer education, the date the customer entered the funnel, or their estimated lifetime value.

  • Organized data from five data sources in Microsoft Excel that automatically fed to PowerBi to keep all data in the overview up-to-date and accurate.

International Experience

Outside of just the work that I did while working with Soley, I gained so much life experience spending a summer overseas working with an incredible and diverse team.

  • Worked with team members that originated from 17 different countries from across the World.

  • Learned firsthand business practices that are common in Europe and German