Popped Off!


Popped Off! Media Network

Popped Off! is media network that creates personality and story driven content around video games and esports. Popped Off! is a brand that I created with two friends that I had podcasted with for a little over a year. We wanted to have a place where we could create whatever type of content we wanted, but grew into a much larger project. It is now a place where we help young or inexperience content creators get experience in writing, podcasting and video creation. We are currently a team of 13 that includes 3 different podcasts, 5 writers and a graphic designer.

Head of Content/Editor in Chief

As Head of Content, it is my responsibility to work with all of our content creators to produce the best content they possibly can. This position also puts in my the role of Editor in Chief and I also have other tasks including:

  • Ensuring all podcast’s content is published on YouTube and podcasting platforms consistently

  • Editing and publishing all written articles that are published on PoppedOff.com

  • Help creator’s visions become a reality including brainstorming podcast and article ideas, in addition to working hands on with their graphics and finding guests.

Video Editing and Recording

Looking to gain experience in video editing, I manage all of our live stream that are on Twitch.tv/Popped_Off and create additional YouTube content. Tasks and projects I have done that included video editing and recording include:

  • Creating video versions of written content that is published on the website

  • Generate ideas for unique video series and one-off videos

  • Edit videos in Adobe Premiere and create motion graphics in Adobe After Effects

Writing and Interviewing

Since our original goal of Popped Off! was to give the three founders a place to expand our content, I try to write a variety of articles as well! These have included podcast recaps, transcribed video interviews and opinionated articles around esports and video games. A couple of my favorite pieces are linked below:

Search Engine Optimization and Link Building

Obviously the best way for a small website to get found is through organic search through google and other search engines. Due to this, I spend a majority of my time ensuring that the website follows all SEO standards.

  • Training our content creators on the importance and basics of keyword density, keyword research and proper article titling.

  • Manually reaching out to other websites within our niche with opportunities of link trading, guest posting and other link building opportunities.

  • Ensuring that all pages are optimized including meta descriptions, alt-tags, H1 tags and more.

Graphic Design

While we do have a graphic designer working with us, I still take on a lot of projects including featured images for articles, podcast branding and social media posts. A variety of different things I’ve created are below!