Casual Panache


Causal Panache

From January 2019 to June 2019, I was the Digital Marketing Specialist for all three of the Casual Panache brands. I worked with all three brands to increase their digital presence, improve their user experience on brand websites, manage social media ads and help create unique content.

Website Design and Maintenance

Through my time with Casual Panache, I used Squarespace on all three brand websites (1571F, Gifts of Gab and Click-n-Curl) to maintain their web presence. Various projects I did on the websites include:

  • Creating custom landing pages for numerous marketing campaigns

  • Implementing best SEO practices including alt-tags and meta descriptions

Facebook Ad Management

Looking to help expand our brand awareness, we did several marketing campaigns and sales that were accompanied by Facebook Ads. During these projects I did tasks including:

  • Managed a monthly budget of $100 dollars for the 1571F Brand

  • Creating the image and content used in the Facebook Ads

  • Determined the best audiences to target for these promotions

  • Analyzed and reported results and data to owner of the business

  • Best results include the BOGO Fathers’ Day Special that had a CTR of 4.16%


Video Recording and Editing

To help promote the 1571F and Gifts of Gabs line, I helped create videos to showcase the use of the products. These video shoots and editing included:

  • Researching and find recipes or products to be used in the videos

  • Staging and then recording all of the video

  • Editing the clips together using Adobe Premiere

Email Marketing

During my time at Casual Panache, we began including Email Marketing in our marketing mix. I managed our email marketing using Active Campaign where I set out to use email to improve other campaigns, while also build our email list with a free giveaway.

  • Created the Beer Guru campaign, an automated email campaign that gave those who signed up a free 9 Page PDF and lead to discount codes based on their interactions with the emails

  • Increased our 1571F email list by 110% through additional email sign ups on the webpage and Beer Guru campagin.

  • Created additional images and content to go along with sales around Fathers Day and 3rd-party website sales