Welcome to My Website!

For me, building a brand takes a couple of things: passion, creativity and a whole lot of hard work. I’ve learned that from years of building my own personal brand, and I’ve learned that I love doing the same thing for others as well. This is where I fell into the field of digital marketing, but more specifically social media and content creation. I have around two years of experience working with different professional brands, and building brands of my own.

With all that being said, I’m proud to say my personal brand is being almost a textbook definition of a nerd. My love of technology has pushed me towards video creation, podcasting, and video games, but also I have interests in Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel and oh so much more. I’ve found that being proud of the brand that you create is the best way to make it stand out, and that is what I want to help do for you.


My Three Pillars in Life

Everything I want to do in my life falls under one of these three categories, click below to find out how I’m doing so far.